3 free CSS frameworks for Frontend guys

Hello World,

When it comes to choosing a CSS framework for your next Frontend project, one is bombarded with many choices of CSS frameworks. This often causes a lot of confusion.

So which one should you use for your next project ?

Well in this post I will consider 3best CSS frameworks available on the Internet

1. ) Bootstrap

Bootstrap is one of the best CSS framework available. It is a free, easy to use framework with a nice Jquery (JavaScript) support.

I am currently using Bootstrap in majority of my projects. It is the most powerful framework available and now with the new version 5 in development it makes it the best choice available.

Moreover it has prebuilt themes (paid) and bootstrap studio for drag n drop website building.

2. ) Bulma

Bulma is a free CSS framework based on Flexbox and built using SASS.

I have used Bulma in some projects and it has worked quite nice but one things which itches me is that it has a wide change of colors which makes the website somewhat tacky than minimalist. Also it has rounded edges in almost all of the components. So if you’re going for a theme that incorporates sharp edges Bulma may not be the best choice.

3. ) Uikit

Uikit is a lightweight CSS framework that excels in fast web interfaces.

I used Uikit in 2 of my projects. I found it less powerful than above 2 but has most components among the 3.

It does not use sharp edges so one should use it in a theme that incorporates sharp edge design.

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